Australiarew┬áis a movie for the entire family. It has everything a good movie needs–action and suspense, drama, a captivating love story, fun, laughter, family, solid plot, with deep, realistic characters set in a world that seems so close and yet so far away all at the same time. When Lady Sara Ashley’s husband is murdered, she inherits a massive-sized cattle ranch in the country-side of Australia. Having been a British aristocrat, she has to get used to the rough life of cattle driving. However, British barons Australiamoviecontinuously try to take over her ranch, giving her many obstacles along the journey. Because of this, she’s forced to turn to rough, rogue-like cattle driver named Drover, to get his help driving her 2,000 cattle across miles of harsh Australian country. Along the journey she gets close with several people, including a few Aborigine natives, one of which is a boy named Nullah. Sara and Drover fall in love, and learn what it means to fight for it.

The movie itself has a captivating cast. Hugh Jackman plays Drover, and he does an absolutely fantastic job. From his rough, handsome looks, to his accent, to the raw emotion and acting–It is a performance that will blow you away. Nicole Kidman plays Lady Sara Ashley and my, my does she do an amazing job. Sara’s awkwardness from coming from such a high-classed world and entering one the complete opposite, it’s such a realistic and believable role. David Wenham plays Niel Fletcher, who is a station manager plotting to take Sara’s land away from her. He plays such a good deceptive bad guy, easy on the eyes too. He does a great job, and really makes you hate the character, but hey–that’s what a good actor playing a villain is supposed to do. Likewise, Bryan Brown does the samrew2e when playing Lesley ‘King’ Carney, the cattle baron who owns most of the lands in northern Australia.

The movie itself is wonderful, it has a plot that will draw you in and keep up on the suspense, characters that you will fall in love with, emotion that will make you laugh and cry all at the same time, a wonderful director, beautiful scenes and sets, an a beautifully talented cast that will absolutely just blow you away.