Australia – The Love story November 11, 2015

lovepost1The movie Australia follows the story of Sara Ashley. She is a British rich lady who ends up inheriting a massive-sized cattle ranch. Throughout the movie, it shows her struggle to get accustomed to this new life that she hardly understands. British cattle barons plot to take her ranch from her, forcing her to get help from rough, rogue-type cattle driver to drive her 2,000 cattle across the country. Naturally,┬áher and this rough cattle driver end up falling in love. It is a beautiful romance story; realistic, and one that touches the heart. It has it’s humorous sides, with Sara’s aristocratic nature trying to get used to such a rough life, especially dealing with a rough cattle driver. It’s got love, passionate, empowering love, but more than that it’s got family. The other drivers and her, along with the Aborigine natives that stay on her land, end up having close friendships with all of them. Toward the end of the movie, so much seems to change, especially when Japanese forces, the same ones who had bombed Pearl Harbor months before, bombs Darwin, Australia. It’s beautiful, breathtaking, heart-wrenching. It will make you laugh, and cry, and want to scream your head off, all at the same time. It’s also got plenty of action and is full of suspense. It really just touches your heart. There is no way anyone could sit through this movie and not feel something deep inside. Out of five stars, I would rate this movie five stars. It’s so beautiful, a film that the entire family to enjoy, and one that you could watch over and over again and never get bored.

Second one – Australia Love Worth Fighting For


Sara and the cattle driver, Drover, fall in love. It’s the perfect love story (tell us in the comments are you married and what special presents have you bought your wife?), and they have their fights and faults, but they fall hard for each other. Drover shows Sara a new life in cattle driving. In falling for him, she finds a new-found appreciation for Australia, the country itself and it’s environment, as well as the cattle driving way of life. In falling for Sara, Drover discovers love again, which he had lost after his wife had died. They fight, and he leaves, which is one of the most heartbreaking break-ups in history, but after the bombs go off, Drover returns and believes she is dead. His emotion in the scene at believing she is dead, is so gut-wrenching, it completely breaks your heart. It teaches us that we have no idea what we have until it’s gone. He realized in that moment, that he really, truly did love her, and that he completely wasted it, threw it away. It isn’t until they are reunited that they finally live happily ever after. It was a happy ending, and a hard journey, but they had to fight for the love they had. It was a hard journey, full of sorrow, tears, joy, laughter, but one that they both fought for and ended up getting in the end. It’s a reminder of what love is, that it’s always worth fighting for when you find the one that your destined to be with.

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